QSPXM Configuration Tool

Select the desired mode of operation, and provide the I/O rack addressing information for a QSPXM:

Bus Size:    Mux Width: 

   Speed:     Mux Depth: 

     Host Mode: Mode 1   Mode 2

  Mapping Mode: Analog   Discrete

Data Integrity: On       Off

   Bus Enabled: Run      Stop

PLC Address of first Input:  1x 3x   ( 1 Corresponds to 3x0001 or 1x0001)

   Number of Input Words Rack Addressed: 

PLC Address of first Output: 0x 4x   ( 1 Corresponds to 4x0001 or 0x0001)

  Number of Output Words Rack Addressed: 

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Created: 10/23/98 Updated: 10/26/98 at 11:45:38 AM