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  Frequently Asked Compact PLC Questions

  • Which PLC is required for the CNOE, CNOS, or CUCM?
    • One of the newer 386 models is needed such as the PC-E984-258, -265, -275, or -285. Contact Schneider Automation to get the required Compact executive.

  • What Ethernet cables are required?
    • The CNOE-211, CNOE-800, and CUM-OE all have a standard RJ45 10BaseT Ethernet port. A standard CAT5 cable is used to connect the Ethernet port to a hub or switch. Other media converters may be required to connect to coax or fiber networks.

  • How is the IP Address set?
    • The CNOE-311 and CNOE-900 all have an LCD and 5-button keypad that may be used to set the IP Address.
    • The CNOE-211, CNOE-800, and CUMC-OE all support Config Extensions from the PLC. Unfortunately, none of the PLC programming software packages provide access to the Config Extensions.
    • The CNOE-211, CNOE-800, and CUCM-OE may all be configured using special MSTR commands from the PLC program.
    • The CNOE-211 and CNOE-800 may also be conifgured via DHCP or BOOTP from an external server.
    • The CNOE-211, CNOE-800, and CUCM-OE all default to the address and a similar address may be configured for a PC to allow RPCSW32.EXE to access the card and change the IP Address.
    • The CNOE-800 and CUCM-OE may be configured via one of the serial ports.

  • What serial cables are requred?
    • The serial ports on the CNOE-800, and CUCM-OE are standard RJ45 Modicon style switchable RS-232 or RS-485. These ports are the same as those on the QUCM-LE and QUCM-OE so any normal QUCM cable will work with the Compact modules. The MM1 is the standard RS-232 cable to connect a PC comm port to a CUCM or CNOE port.

  • How is the firmware updated in the CNOE?
    • A special program called RPCLOAD.EXE is used to update the firmware in the CNOE-211 and CNOE-800. This program is included in the RPC_SETUP.EXE file. This setup program will install RPCLOAD which is used to update the CNOE.QRC file.

  • Why do I get an Illegal Data Address error in RPCSW32 when I try to go online to the CNOE?
    • When connecting to a CNOE, always use an index of 255 in the Serial communications section of the Setup menu.

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