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The CNOE-211 is a Ethernet option module for Schneider Automation's TSX Compact PLC. It is the first module to take advantage of the new Compact communication channel. The module gives the Compact its long-awaited Ethernet port. It has many of the capabilities of the original Quantum NOE-211 but in the Compact form factor.


The single 10BaseT RJ45 Ethernet port is Modbus/TCP compatible.

  • The PLC can issue 0x, 1x, 3x, and 4x MSTR reads over Ethernet.
  • The PLC can issue 0x and 4x MSTR writes over Ethernet.
  • A PC can program the PLC via Ethernet.
  • Any Modbus/TCP compatible device can read/write the PLC via Ethernet.
  • PLC peer-to-peer communications over Modbus/TCP Ethernet.
  • I/O Ethernet scanning.

The Ethernet port of the CNOE-211 is also SY/MAX 802.3 compatible, which enables:

  • The PLC to read or write SY/MAX registers over Ethernet.
    • Including SY/MAX 450 and 650 PLCs directly.
    • Including other SY/MAX and PowerLogic equipment through NR&D network products.
  • Any SY/MAX 802.3 compatible device to read/write PLC registers.
  • Modbus/TCP <> SY/MAX 802.3 bridging without PLC intervention.


  • TSX Compact PLC (-258, -265, -275, -285 only).
  • Free slot in the main rack (slots 3, 4, or 5).
  • Compact PLC Executive version 2.07 or greater. The Compact executive required for the CNOE-211 is now available at Schneider Automation's website.


IP configuration can occur over Ethernet via BOOTP or DHCP or from the PLC via MSTR or conifg extensions*. Multiple CNOEs can work in a single rack. No web pages are served by this module. Modules come with a user manual and configuration software on CD, 1-year warranty and 1-year free firmware upgrades.


The CNOE-211 is available as: CNOE-211 with one 10BaseT Ethernet port

* Contact Schneider Automation for programming software that supports Ethernet configuration extensions for the Compact PLC.

Effective 23 April 2004 - Specifications subject to change without notice.