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  SY/MAX Cable Manuals

Get NOTE: These manuals are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. You can download the reader from Adobe's web site (browser will open another window).

SY/MAX Cables
File Name Description
RP36P.PDF RP36P - SY/MAX RS-422 to Parallel Printer cable used to connect a PLC or Peripheral NIM port to a Centronics Printer. Replacement for the Niobrara SC36P cable.
DC1.PDF DC1 - SY/MAX cable used to connect two SY/MAX RS-422 ports together.
PLC to EPE6, NIM to MEB, SPE4 to EPE5, etc.
(Square D 8030 CC100, CC101, or CC102 equivalent)
DC2.PDF DC2 - SY/MAX cable with full RS-422 handshake pass through.
Used to for connecting EPE6 to RS-422 radio, SPE4 to RM14K in multidrop mode, etc.
(Square D 8030 CC104 or CC105 equivalent)
DC6.PDF DC6 - SY/MAX cable to connect to a 9-pin Momentum PLC RS-485 port.
DC7.PDF DC7 - PowerLogic 4-wire RS-485 to 9-pin SY/MAX cable.
Used for connecting a string of PowerLogic meters to MEB, EPE6, SPE4, or PNIM.
(Square D PowerLogic CAB107 equivalent)
DC8.PDF DC8 - Female DB9 SY/MAX to 4-wire PowerLogic cable.
Used for connecting an SC902 to a string of meters.
Also used with an SC902 for downloading firmware into PEN-T or ECM modules.
DE1.PDF DE1 - SY/MAX extension cable.
Used to connect extending a DC1 or CC100 for extra length.
SA9F.PDF DC2 - SY/MAX female gender changer/null modem with full RS-422 handshake pass through.
SA9M.PDF DC2 - SY/MAX male gender changer/null modem with full RS-422 handshake pass through.
SB902.PDF SB902 - PowerLogic Demo box RS-232 to RS-422 adaptor.
9-pin RS-232 for PC and 9-pin female SY/MAX port for DC7 or CAB-107.
SC606.PDF SC606 - SY/MAX 9-pin RS-422 port to 25-pin RS-232 DCE Modem cable.
Used to connect EPE6, SPE4, MEB to a standard modem.
SC806.PDF SC806 - SY/MAX 9-pin RS-422 port to 25-pin RS-232 DCE Modem cable.
Used to modem to DC7 or CAB107 and a string of PowerLogic meters.
SC902.PDF SC902 - RS-232 to RS-422 SY/MAX programming cable.
9-pin RS-232 end for PC and 9-pin RS-422 SY/MAX end.
Programming Cable for SY/MAX 300, 400, 500, 600, 700 PLC, SPE4, MEB, EPE6, NIM.
(Square D ICM200+CC100 replacement without isolation)
SC902IC.PDF SC902IC - The SC902IC is an RS-232 to RS-422 data translation smart cable
provided with the 9-pin RS-422 connector unattached to facilitate pulling the cable
through conduit or a bulkhead.
SC902ST.PDF SC902ST - Stripped and Tinned version of the SC902 cable.
Used for connecting 4-wire RS-485 slaves to a PC.
SC908.PDF SC908 - PC 9-pin RS-232 to SY/MAX female 9-pin RS-422.
Used to connect a PC to a DC7 or CAB107.
(Same as the SB902 with a 6-ft cable.)
SDLM.PDF SDLM - SY/MAX data line monitor with LEDs for TX, RX, RTS, and CTS.