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Universal Communication Module

The NR&D Universal Communication Module (UCM4) is a SY/MAX® compatible register rack module with four ports. It serves as a user programmable co-processor for bi-directional communication with a wide assortment of external devices. The UCM4 is similar in function to a D-LOG, but possesses exceptional capabilities. First, the UCM4 is FAST! It has up to 2,048 rack addressable registers, a communications oriented programming language, and uses compiled code for even greater speed. Secondly, each of the UCM4's four ports can be programmed independently, so devices with different protocols may be controlled. The UCM4 can have four independent, yet interactive, programs running simultaneously, one for each port. An LED indicator signals that a port's program is running; each port also has a second LED whose function can be assigned by the user.

Control Networks of:

  • PowerLogic® Devices
  • Weld Controllers
  • Positioning Equipment
  • Motor Drives
  • DGH Modules
  • Temperature Controllers
  • Tank Gauging Equipment
  • Other intelligent devices
The UCM4 receives data from the external devices; this data is processed according to the user's program and presented to the processor as rack register values. The SY/MAX processor writes to the external devices by setting rack registers of the UCM4. The module communicates the data to the external devices while providing checksums, retries and acknowledgments as required.

NR&D offers programming services so that the user can receive the UCM4 as a turn-key solution. The user provides the communication protocol of his device, a list of the information of interest, and a unit to be used for test. NR&D engineers configure the UCM4 to meet the customer specifications and provide a unit ready to use. There is an extra charge for this service; call for a price and delivery estimate.

The UCM4 is available in two configurations. The UCM4-M, with four RS-422/485 ports; and the UCM4-S, with four RS-232 ports.


Dimensions: Standard SY/MAX register module. 1.5" wide by 13" tall by 6.5" deep. Approximately four pounds net. Rugged welded steel enclosure with baked on finish. All connectors and indicators are front mounted except the SY/MAX bus card edge connector on the back.

Power Requirements: From SY/MAX bus. 5 volts, 1.5 A.

Serial Ports: Four serial data I/O ports. Variable baud rates up to 19,200 baud; 7 or 8 data bits; odd, even or no parity; 1 or 2 stop bits. RS-232 ports have DB9 male connectors configured as PC type B with screw lock posts. RS-422/485 ports have DB9 female connectors with slide lock posts. RS-485 ports are 2- and 4-wire compatible.

Serial Port Modes: User programmable; SY/MAX mode when not programmed.

Indicators: LED Transmit and Receive indicators for each serial port. Program Run LED indicators for each port. One user defined LED indicator for each port. Sixteen total indicators.

Mailbox Registers: 2048 processor equivalent registers addressed 1 through 2048. Any number of these may be rack addressed as needed for user applications. Any rack addressed register can be a PLC input or a PLC output as required by the application.

Setup Registers: Processor equivalent registers store the configuration of the unit. These registers are maintained by AC power when present, by power supply when mounted in rack, and by internal capacitor for up to one week when removed from rack.


The UCM4 is available as:

UCM4-S with 4 RS-232 ports
UCM4-M with 4 RS-485 ports

Effective 01 October 1995 - Specifications subject to change without notice.