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Modbus Serial Ethernet Bridge



Download the WMV version

Click here for a companion manual for the DEB+101 video.

Download the WMV version

Click here for a companion manual for the DEB+101 SY/MAX video.

The DEB is a Unity compatible, fully functional, bi-directional Modbus Serial to Ethernet bridge. Devices on one network can access devices on the other network. This network traffic can be programming commands as well as I/O and register data. In addition, the DEB can act as:
  • DIN rail mount
  • - Easy to install
  • 24VDC Opeation
  • 100BaseT RJ45 Ethernet port
  • Two Isolated serial ports
  • - each selectable between RS-232 (RJ-45) and RS-485 (5-position screw terminal)
  • LCD Dispaly and keypad
  • - Easy setup from the front panel
  • Automatic Modbus/TCP and Modbus serial routing table configuration
  • Data Concentrator
  • - Serial Auto-transfer, Modbus/TCP I/O Scanner, E-Peer
  • Ethernet Gateway or MUX
  • - Modbus (RTU or ASCII, Master or Slave), SY/MAX, RNIM, PNIM
  • Legacy SY/MAX support
  • - SY/MAX 802.3 Ethernet, SY/MAX serial, Net-to-Net, PNIM, RNIM

The DEB is a DIN rail version of the old EPE5-T.

Front Panel Operation

The DEB includes a 5-button keypad and a password protected LCD screen. Nearly all Etherent, MB+, and serial port settings may be inspected and modified from the front panel. View statistical information about each of the ports, check firmware versions, even reset the unit to factory defaults without a PC.
Set the IP Address Default Screen Default Screen Default Screen Default Screen Default Screen Default Screen

Set Port 1 Baud Rate Default Screen Default Screen Default Screen Default Screen Default Screen Default Screen

Modbus Router

The DEB can route messages between Modbus/TCP Ethernet and Modbus Serial (RTU or ASCII); all at the same time. The Ethernet port may be a client and server. The serial ports may be connected to masters or slaves. Any master can communicate with any slave on any other port. These masters may be a programming package such as Unity Pro, Concept, or ProWORX.

Legacy SY/MAX Opeation

The DEB supports legacy Square D SY/MAX communication including Ethernet and serial. The Ethernet port may be configured to operate in a combined Modbus/TCP and SY/MAX mode providing high speed bridging between Quantum NOEs and Model 650 and 450 PLCs. SY/MAX serial, PNIM, Net-to-Net, and RNIM protocols are all supported to tie in older SY/NET equipment with a newer Modbus system.

Ordering Information

The DEB is available as:
     * DEB+101     with 2 isolated RS-232/RS-485 ports, 1 Ethernet port (RJ45 100BaseT connector).
     * DEB+201     with 2 isolated RS-232/RS-485 ports, 2 Ethernet ports (RJ45 100BaseT connector).

Related Equipment

The DEB has the following equipment available:
     * MM1     RS-232 cable for connecting to a 9-pin PC serial port.
     * MU7     RS-422 cable for connecting to a 9-pin SY/MAX serial port.
     * TR121ST     120VAC (US) wall mount power supply.


Warranty / Manual: The DEB is furnished with a user manual on cd and carries a one year warranty from the date of shipment. During the warranty period, free firmware upgrades are available. See Niobrara's Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale for additional warranty information.

Dimensions: DIN rail mount 4.4" wide by 4.4" tall by 3.5" deep. Approximately 1.2 pounds net.

Power Requirements: 9-30VDC 6W - 3 position removable connector is provided.


  • Module: LCD with backlight and two red LEDs for error
  • Serial Ports: Transmit and Receive for each port
  • Ethernet: Link/Activity, 10/100

Ethernet Port: 10/100BaseT port with RJ45 connector on bottom of unit. Modbus/TCP and/or SY/MAX 802.3 protocols. E-Peer compatible.

Serial Ports: Two isolated ports selectable between RS-232 (RJ45 connector) and RS-485 (5 position removable screw terminal is provided). Independently configurable for baud rate, data bits, parity, stop bits, and protocol. RS-485 mode is 2- and 4-wire compatible.

Serial Port Modes: Each serial port can independently operate in any of the following modes: Modbus (RTU or ASCII, Master or Slave), SY/MAX; Net-to-Net; Peripheral; PLogic; Multidrop; IDEC; Gateway; Transparent; Share; PNIM; RNIM (Master or Slave); Transfer; Chevron. Dual slave.

Setup Registers: Module configuration is stored in internal registers and is compatible with older MEB-RT models. These setup registers can be accessed through any of the MEB's ports (in most modes). Configuration is restored from FLASH memory after a power cycle.

Environmental:Operating conditions are 0-50C; humidity up to 90% noncondensing; pressure altitude -200 to +10,000 ft MSL.

Effective 11 May 2012 - Specifications subject to change without notice.