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The following are applications written for the QUCM module by Niobrara engineers. The Application Manuals are available as Adobe Acrobat documents and are included in the self-extracting EXE files along with the applications. To utilize an application, download and open the EXE file, then refer to the Application manual for loading instructions.

ENRON/Daniel flow meters are integrated into a Modbus/TCP network using this application. QUCM Port 2 may be used to connect a string of POWERLOGIC and/or Modbus RTU slaves for direct access via Modbus/TCP.

Configuration of the QUCM is through a telnet server or terminal server with the setup stored into FLASH.

Check the Release Notes for the latest update information.


NOTE: QUCM-OE, QUCM-LE, and CUCM-OE users should use the following files:
NOTE: This self-extracting zip includes the QUCM files and the manual.

QUCM_SETUP.EXE should be installed first to ensure QLOAD and QCOMPILE are properly installed.


NOTE: QUCM-SE users cannot use this program.

Effective 26 January 2004 - Specifications subject to change without notice.