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  MUCM Applications

The following are applications written for the MUCM module by Niobrara engineers. The Application Manuals are included in the EXE files. To install an application simply OPEN the .EXE file and follow the instrctions.
Application Description
MRPC MRPC- Routing and Protocol Converter
CAT CCM Importing data from a Caterpillar EMCP Genset and placing it on Modbus RTU or Momentum PLC Tophat
CAT MCCM Data concentration from a network of Caterpillar MCCM enabled Gensets and placing it on Modbus RTU
DF1 Interfacing an Allen-Bradley® DF1 slaves into a Modbus RTU or RNIM sytem
DNPS Square D Powerlogic devices appear as DNP 3.0 Slaves
MARQUEE ASCII message buffer for SIEMENS Marquee
MCAT2 RNIM Master to Modbus RTU slaves
MDNPS Modbus RTU devices appear as DNP 3.0 Slaves
MITSUBISHI Mitsubishi UPS as Modbus Slaves
ModLon Cummins ModLon Gateway to a real Modbus RTU network.
MODEM Modbus ASCII tunnel for POWERLOGIC SMS modem dial-up
CMLW Square D Powerlogic CM2000 series on LONWORKS®
G3LW Square D PowerLink G3 panels on LONWORKS®
SATO Momentum interface for SATO Barcode Printer
SmartBob Modbus interface for BinMaster SmartBobs
TAP Momentum PLC interface to a TAP protocol paging system.